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Boat trips

As Finland’s second largest lake, Päijänne enables water routes over 450 km from Lahti in the south to Pielavesi in the north. With our boat trips, you can take many different routes from one destination to another. There are several stops on the routes, so it is also possible to make partial trips and find a route that best fits your travel plans. Boat trips are made on service-capable large ships with restaurants and large sun decks, as well as heated interiors in case of rainy weather.

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Boat trips from Jyväskylä

Boat trip Jyväskylä – Kuusaa

Three Canal Cruise Jyväskylä – Kuusaa – Jyväskylä. The journey also takes in the famous rock paintings at Saraakallio. Three Canal Cruise is from Jyväskylä ending to Kuusaa and return to Jyväskylä. Restaurant onboard.

Boat trip Jyväskylä – Lahti

Summer day on Lake Päijänne – Blue and White Line. The traditional route from the end of the majestic Lake Päijänne to the other; from the northernmost city Jyväskylä to the lake’s southernmost city Lahti. Experience Finland’s longest and deepest lake and its exquisite and varied scenery. The ships call at various places along the way.

Boat Trip Jyväskylä – Äänekoski

Five Canal Cruise Jyväskylä – Äänekoski. The Keitele canal links lakes Päijänne and Keitele vie numerous small lakes and five sets of locks. You can also make the cruise one way by boat and return by bus.

Boat trips from Lahti

Boat trip Lahti – Heinola

Two Canal route Lahti – Heinola. A fascinating cruise route on southern Lake Päijänne: two canals (Vääksy Canal and Kalkkinen Canal) and three fifferent lakes. The return journey is made in same day.

Boat trip Lahti – Jyväskylä

Summer day on Lake Päijänne – Blue and White line. The traditional route from one of the majestic Lake Päijänne to the other; from the sothernmost city Lahti to the lake’s northernmost city Jyväskylä. Experience Finland’s longest and deepest lake and it’s exquisite and variety scenery.

Boat trips from Heinola, Kouvola and Äänekoski

Boat trip Heinola – Lahti

Two Canal Boat trip Heinola – Lahti. One way boat trip from Heinola to Lahti: two canals and three different lakes.

Boat trip Heinola – Kouvola

Heinola – Kouvola Kimola Canal route. In Summer 2021 we opened the new boat route for passengership in Kimola Canal. Departure from Heinola, stop in Vuolenkoski Village and through the Kimola Canal pitkin so far you can sail to Kouvola Voikkaa to the Virtakivi Harbour.

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Boat Trip Äänekoski – Jyväskylä

Five Canal Cruise Äänekoski – Jyväskylä. You can make the cruise on Keitele Canal one way from Äänekoski to Jyväskylä. You can also bye the bus ticket from Jyväskylä-Äänekoski.

Boat trips from Vääksy and Kuusaa

Boat trip from Vääksy to Heinola

Boat trip from Vääksy to Heinola. You can make a shorter boat trip on route of Two Canals Lahti-Heinola by come onboard from Vääksy. The boat stops 1 hour in Heinola and return to the same place in Vääksy.

Boat trip Kuusaa – Jyväskylä

Three Canal Boat Trip Kuusaa – Jyväskylä. You can take the boat trip also one way from Kuusaa – Jyväskylä.

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