Keitele-Päijänne Five Canal Cruise

Jyväskylä – Äänekoski – Jyväskylä

The Keitele canal links lakes Päijänne and Keitele via numerous small lakes and five sets of locks. The journey also takes in the famous rock paintings at Saraakallio, and features not only great rural scenery but also some narrow navigation passages. Locks: Vaajakoski, Kuhankoski, Kuusaa, Kapeenkoski, Paatela.

There is restaurant onboard. You can make the cruise also one way by boat and return by bus.

Boat: m/s Suomen Suvi

Keitele Canal

Boat trip Jyväskylä-Äänekoski - See schedule

Day: Thu and Sat
Duration: 5h 25min
Depart: 09:00
Arrival: 14:25

Adult 40,00€ / Child 20,00

Afternoon Cruise

Boat trip Äänekoski – Jyväskylä - See schedule

Day: Fri and Sat
Duration: 5h 0min
Depart: 15:00
Arrival: 20:00

Adult 40,00€ / Child 20,00

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All day Cruise

Boat trip Jyväskylä-Äänekoski-Jyväskylä - See schedule

Day: Sat
Duration: 11h 0min
Depart: 09:00
Arrival: 20:00

Adult 60,00€ / Child 30,00€

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Lunch buffet - Read more

Finnish Lunch with good local ingredients

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